Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Hot fun in the summertime"

Living in NY my entire life, I really do enjoy having all four seasons. Summer sort of sneaks up on Long Island. We all know it's coming but Spring tends to show it's pretty head for just a bit and then bam, it's hazy, hot and humid Summertime. Last week it hit 113 here and it was pretty darn gross I tell you. But the last two days the humidity has broken and it got me thinking of what reminds me of summer. Especially since I am not longer dripping of sweat lol !

I figured I would share some pictures of what reminds me of summertime with you all. Who ever you are that read this fancy blog ;). So here goes !

Lemonade of course, home made specifically

Good Ole Dave Matthews, summer is not complete without him singing in the background somewhere.

The smell of sunblock. Is there any better smell???

Burgers ! Be it, chicken, turkey, or beef they are all amazing in my book.

Garage sales will always remind me of summer. When we were younger my sisters and I used to stay at my Aunt and Uncles a lot in the summer, we would search for garage sales to find different things to contribute to our "ugly gift collection" ... hahaha, who knows who has this box now ! It was such a great time. Oh how I miss those days.

The smooth sounds of Reggae !

Home grown tomatoes, nothing better tasting !

Beach glass. Hard to find on LI but it will always have a summer feel to it.

I even asked some of my friends what reminds them of summer , here are some of their responses.
Pina Coladas, yum !
This combines two responses, coconuts and sand

Flip flops, gotta let those suckers breathe in the summer. But please people, make your feet pretty.

Love pools. This one would be nice ! I'll take it. =).

And lastly, sprinklers. Isn't this picture great? Found it on the web somewhere, so vintage, so old school, so cool.

And last but not least, this gem right here will forever and always remind me of being younger in the summertime

So what reminds you of summer? Tell me all about it.


JuliaColeman said...

The aroma of fresh cut grass, fireflies (we called 'em lightning bugs) and this...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kr0tTbTbmVA&ob=av3e

redellen14 said...

Summertime when the living is easy! Great pictures each one made me smile. But you need to put the cover I made you on the pitcher!