Sunday, July 17, 2011

"Working 9-5 what a way to make a living "

It may not be where I sit daily from 9-5 but it's our home office. If you remember my office inspiration from a few months ago, you will know it's not what I would love it to look like but it's functional and pretty nice for now. It's our place we go to do bills, blog updates, Facebook, email, surf, use Itunes (even though my ipod is M.I.A, so sad) ...etc. But as of late it had gotten very messy, so we decided to switch around some furniture and clean it up a bit. Here are some before and afters, like always =)

Here is our desk. A lil messy but it worked...

And the cleaner version. Notice the screen saver? Well that's our wedding rings that I took a picture of on our honeymoon. Love that picture ! Also my "bulletin board" (like I call it), "notice board" (like my friend Jo calls it) or the "inspiration board" like my other friend Kristi calls it, well that also has some goodies on it too. If you look close to the top right, you will see a heart with a bow though it that my husband made for me years ago by bending some wire. So awesome. See that chair we have? Well it was free years ago from someone's garbage ! I love it. Great lines.

This is hanging above my desk, it's a lil inspiration I have to one of my best gals, Kristi. This is our friendship ball that we bought years ago in Florida. She has one too. When she hung her's up like this, it was way more awesome. I also put it with some of my favorite agate slices but now seeing this in a picture, I realize the yarn is gross and I need to re-do this with clear wire... soon.

Here is one side of the office. That bookcase has been in this home and in my family for years. It's been many different colors along the way. I painted the stripes on it and am considering changing the blue stripe to a tan or white. We shall see. I am also thinking of painting the hardware and the filing cabinet you see on the bottom right of the picture.

Here is after, not much changed just a little more cleaned up.

Here is another view of the office. Little mish mosh of things. The lamp was beautiful but never matched in here.

Moved out the treadmill, (to another room people ! Yes ONE day I WILL get on it lol) and switched the lamp to something more suitable. We also moved in a long dresser we had in another room to give our office more work and storage space. (ps don't mind the dust on the dreser, this was before I cleaned)

Here the other side view before, with yet again, clutter. Those are all my craft bins and wrapping supplies.

And voila ! condensed.

So there you have it. This is where many of these postings come from, thanks for looking !


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kristi said...

LMFAO I was totally gonna be like "Dude, fishing wire" and then you figured it out all on your own!! You are so good.

Methinks your birthday present (when it finally gets mailed) will be cute in your office!!!!

Also: lately I've been hearing the boards be called "vision boards" and you put up pics of the shit you want for the law of attraction to bring them to you. We should try it!