Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Scratch that...

Remember this post here as I teased something was in the works ? Well I have decided against the project I was going to do when I got these chairs in my home. These chairs were my grandparents and I was going to change them into a shabby chic look. I planned on using them at my kitchen table but when I put them there, they didn't seem to flow right. After a little rearranging I put them where I had some other chairs sitting on the wall. Moved the chairs on the wall to the kitchen table and the kitchen table chairs to the office. Whew, got that? So here are the awesome chairs.

Leg detail

Chair back detail

Here is a picture of where one of the chairs sits in the room, they are photographing much darker than they actually are. One day I will get a better camera !

What's that you ask, did I change my hutch again??? You betcha ! Here is the late summer hutch in all it's glory.

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redellen14 said...

How do I love thee? Let me count the do me proud!