Sunday, August 14, 2011

It all started with a cake topper....

The planning started on Superbowl Sunday when I asked my mother in law to show me pictures of her wedding and in those pictures of course was a cake with an adorable cake topper on it. This year they celebrate 30 years of marriage and I knew I wanted to do something special for them. After lots of talks with the other kids (are we still considered kids in our mid twenties to early thirties lol,) we decided to do a surprise "Italian" dinner at our home. I love to host and I love to decorate for parties so this was a task I had no problem taking on 100%.

As I said, it started with a cake topper. This is not my in laws picture but this is the picture I found when I was searching to duplicate their topper. When I found the picture my excitement went away fast when I soon realized it was not for sale because it was part of someones wedding write up on a photography blog. Turns out it was the bride's parent's topper that she reused.

So back to the drawing board I went and finally found this one. It was missing the grand white part to the topper like the picture showed but it would work out perfectly.

Of course I could not let the brides hair stay blond, because my mother in law is a brunette, so when it arrived I painted it brown and here is the final picture.

My sister in law Jessica, made the cake. It came out so amazing ! Here it is in all it's glory.

Now on to the decorations. I made this banner while I was at work the other day. Yes I am that talented I can work and make crafts at the same time ! It came out really cute. I wish I had more materials with me but since it was a last minute decision, I am pretty happy with the way it came out. It says "Happy 30."

And now my favorite part, the table setting and streamers. Here are some views of what I did.

Some close ups.

And the extreme close up lol, I need a better camera. Little hint to all Santa's elves out there ;)
And it's gift giving time. Here is my husband with his parents. These three people may or may not have been present at the original wedding. ;) They are about to open our gift that we gave them. I really loved it !

I chose the sentimental route on the gift giving. I have a picture of them from their wedding that I truly love. I ordered the gift from where else, Etsy ! I had the seller print the lyrics to their wedding song (Endless Love) on it along with their names and wedding date. I really love the way it came out.

My brother in law and his girlfriend bought them an engraved frame. So very pretty and special.

And I lost pictures somewhere in this post because my other brother in law and sister in law bought them a microwave with a "date night" themed basket. So adorable and thoughtful. (Will update these pictures tonight for sure, I have a really cute one too)

And here are some more pictures just because. All of the boys together. with their dad.

Antipasto time !

Tiana will love this one lol. =). Told ya T that you are in it really good.

The night went so well. When my in laws arrived they walked in to "Volare" by Dean Martin blasting and to the house all decorated. My husband and I told them we were taking them to dinner but the surprise was on them, the dinner party was at our home. My brother in laws parked around the block too, so when they walked in the house they didn't even realize they were all in the kitchen waiting to surprise them. We did good and they were so happy that night. Such a special night that I am so blessed to have shared with everyone there. Love you guys !

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