Wednesday, August 03, 2011

For Pete's sake whatever you do...

Don't call it a "MAN CAVE !!" He hates that term. He = my husband of course. Literally cringes when people call it that, he prefers it to be simply called his den. We seem to each have a den of our own, just worked out that way. Mine is girlie and fancy, and his is down right manly and ready for football.

See this pillow proves it's ready for football at any time !

This the view when you walk into the room. The painting we found in Home Goods for a steal. It's so awesome !
Same area but the before. Not even the true before but you see the progress.

Another view. His bookshelf. Yes, you see some super heroes in it, we all need some kind of fun in our life. The bookshelf was framed out by my husband and his father. What was there before was a very deep closet. It needed to match the other cut out in the room where we put the bar, so after a little framing it was done.
Yes those are snowboards too. My parents live in PA and my husband takes advantage of the fact they live only 10 minutes from the trails.

A little close up for you.

Here is the before on how it was framed out. Just to give you a visual of how it was done. I am sure I have a true before of this side of the room. I'll have to dig it up somewhere.

Here another view, showing our bar. My husband fit all of the shelving and the lighting himself.

A close up for ya !

And one more view ...
Here is a clock that he bought me for our first anniversary. The modern version of the 1st anniversary gift is clocks. I love it. And I love when his best friend visits he gets such a kick out of it too !

Here is a close up of our version of the bulbs they were selling at Anthropologie years ago. You can also see how we painted the drop ceiling trim. My idea ! My husband was a little hesitant of it, until he saw the final project of course. He should always listen to me =).

Here are the original ones that Anthro was selling. Pretty similar right?
And one last view of the finished room. That globe holds liquor in it too. Super awesome. I did a picture collage for the room of all football scenes. There is also a canvas that has the word "Faith" cut out and superman comic book cut outs behind it. I should have taken a close up but if you double click the picture you can see it all.

And I leave you with the little scary before... the true before =).

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