Thursday, August 04, 2011

Eddie Ross

I had the best dream the other night. My husband and I were in someone's house and I decided to set their dining room table using the items I found in their hutch. Why I am going through someone's items is beyond me, but it's a dream right? So we leave there and I get a phone call, from the owner of the home, telling me that Eddie Ross loved what I did with the table so much that he was going to add his touches but giving me credit for it too !!! I was so excited.

If you don't know who Eddie Ross is, let me introduce you. I do not know him personally but his tablescapes are very inspiring. Take a look for yourself?

An Easter tablescape

Couldn't you just see this for a bridal shower or a baby shower for someone expecting a girl?

This could be a nice summer brunch !

A fancy dinner party maybe?

Total bridal shower looks right here

And of course my two favorite. Thanksgiving time !


redellen14 said...

Love that window treatment...think about that!

Beth said...

me too !!